Simone's Portfolio

Multimedia Designer & more

Creator by heart

I like to create in all types of media - digital and physical!
Born in 89 in Frederiks, graduated "Viborg Katedralskole" high school with math, English, physics, chemistry and music as my main, chosen subjects in 2009, continued straight on to study Multimedia Design and Communications at Business Academy Århus from 2009-2011.

Stayed in Århus as full-time web- and graphics designer for ROMO Wind from the beginning of 2012 to 2017, where I decided it was time to find new challenges!

User levels


Native proficiency


Full professional proficiency


Limited working proficiency

Adobe skills

Experienced user of Photoshop and InDesign. Novice user of other Adobe software such as Illustrator and Dreamweaver.

Final Cut Pro

Novice user of Final Cut Pro X


Experienced user of Wordpress - multilingual pages, webshops and more.


InDesign allows you to create beautiful layouts for your texted documents - books, flyers, brochures etc. I have worked with this programme for a few projects of this type. My biggest project was writing a book with several sections and many illustrations. I have also created several large brochures as well as short flyers and feel confident using most of the basic and some of the advanced features of this software



Photoshop is a great piece of software that lets you do so many things with images. My uses have mostly been to edit photos, from small adjustments to major retouches. I also used photoshop for making little instruction signs and posters.

Visual Identity

Having a visual identity is important to create a brand. This means working with one logo, with a specific set of fonts and with photos that have a certain theme to them. During my time at ROMO Wind, the identity changed and evolved a lot. When I hired on, the company had only existed for a couple of months and was still defining it's messages and objectives. I was part of 3 major changes that involved change of logo, webpage and overall identity.

Webshop management

I am a driven person and I thrive on challenges and on learning new things. This lead me to open a webshop in 2015 in which I sold items for costume creators. I did some research in what seemed to interest people, mainly by following groups on Facebook and forums for "cosplayers" (more on this in next section). I then purchased a small stock from China and set up a webshop. I created a draft of a logo and had a game illustrator create a nice, stylized logo for me. The target audience are young and creative people, often interested in cartoons and video games and many of them in Japanese culture. I wanted my logo to target these people, and together with the illustrator, I think we managed to do this. At the same time, I wanted to keep the layout of the shop very light, so it wouldn't distract from the items being sold. I had only limited equipment, but I did my best to set up a little studio and take quality stock images of every item in the shop. I did all of the images myself. I also set up the back-end with Woocommerce plugin and various add-ins to create a shop that would be easy to check out of and calculate all prices, fees and shipping expenses correctly. I have kept the shop small, since it is only run on a hobby-basis at the moment to help cover expenses of my other hobbies.


Through my work with ROMO, I have assisted in many faires. Mostly in the creation of the design and files for print, but in a few cases also as a hostess. I have also worked as a hostess for Steelseries at Comic Con Copenhagen and been part of a fan booth for Dreamhack Sweden and Dreamhack Germany.


An exciting hobby that combines many different skill sets and has even let me use my abilities as a web designer, cosplay is a combination of the words "costume" and "play". Cosplay has improved my creative skills in all media. I use references from computer games and tv shows mostly, and create real life versions of screen characters. First I hand-draw sketches that help me convert fantasy drawings to realistic, wearable outfits and armour pieces. Then I use various materials such as plastics, clay, fabric, foams and many other things to create these outfits in real life. Then I stand in front of the camera, modelling them. Often, I take the raw photos and edit them to create the right mood to fit the character. I then use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to share the photos, working to target the right audience and grow my number of followers. I also use webpages to reach more people. In the last few years, I've extended my abilities into networking as well, working towards getting invited to other countries to show off my costumes and entertain people. To me, my hobby and my profession are closely related, as you can see from the examples here. It has even let me to also write a book and further develop my skills both in communication and in design.


While I was a student, and also freelance next to my job at ROMO Wind, I have provided some businesses with webpages. Most had existing webpages that they wished to have converted from old-school table-based and pure html/css webpages into pages they could edit without any knowledge of code. For that, I used Wordpress. Please notice that I only coded these webpages, so they were fully functioning CMS webpages, I did not create the layouts used.