Creative Multimedia designer

Creator of all things

I like to create in all types of media – digital and physical!
Born in 89 in Frederiks, graduated “Viborg Katedralskole” high school with math, English, physics, chemistry and music as my main, chosen subjects in 2009, continued straight on to study Multimedia Design and Communications at Business Academy Århus from 2009-2011.

Stayed in Århus as full-time web- and graphics designer for ROMO Wind from the beginning of 2012 to 2017, where I decided it was time to find new challenges and learn new skills!


Experienced user of the current Adobe Creative Suite, many years user of WordPress for pages with multilingual options, webshops and many other features.

Novice video editor using Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Newly graduated a course teaching SEO, Adwords and Facebook advertisement.

Danish as a native, English at a professional level and German at a high level, too.

Adobe Creative Suite

My primary tools are Adobe Creative suite. I have over 10 years of experience with it, starting with the early Photoshop 7 and Dreamweaver MX. I primarily focus on InDesign and Photoshop, but have worked with all them at some point.

I’ve used Photoshop both to create graphic elements and to edit photos. InDesign has been my go-to for any print-files for years, from business cards and brochures to full length books and faire booth wall prints. Below is a collection of examples – if you’d like to see my book, it can be downloaded for free on my other webpage here.


My interest in creating webpages goes back to dial-up modem times. I started out learning HTML and CSS then and have since added some PHP and other web code languages. Nowadays, I prefer working with WordPress, where I’ve set up quite a lot of different sites through the years, including corporate webpages for multinational companies, local webshop and everything in-between. Below are some examples of pages I’ve created.

Real world art

I am a creator both online and offline. I love working with digital projects, but sometimes it is also nice to dive into physical arts, which for me involves a vide variety of mediums. From intricate costumes that include smoke and lights, to life-size reproductions of digital environmental things from gaming, I love to work the details to create an overall impressive look. Below some videos and photos that display these abilities – videos edited by myself using DaVinci Resolve and most photos also edited by me using Photoshop.

World of Warcraft recreation

Fantasy Interior design

Costume Photobook

Costume Design and Hand-Crafting

I live in Århus, but have a license and a car, so commuting is no issue.

If I’ve caught your interest and you want to learn more, fill in the form below to contact me.